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Photo-shooting Peephole Viewer
Sale Points
1.2.5 inch LCD screen
2 Nice design, multi-colors for option
3.Photo shooting and storage for evidence
4.Easy operation and installation – wireless
5.Indoor host device monitors outdoor conditions dynamically and directly.
6.Radiationless and low power dissipation
7.0.3 mega pixel high-definition viewer
8.Automatic energy saving mode
Photo-shooting Peephole Viewer

Photo-shooting Peephole Viewer


The 2nd Generation Peephole Viewer is a new product and visual camera peephole. It uses digital chips and adopts the latest technology. Its special connection structure does not destroy the existing door structure, while its installation and usage are easy. The peephole viewer is a really useful high-tech home security product. It turns off automatically after 10 seconds to conserve battery life.  


Description of Usage:


Situation: After a visitor presses your doorbell and then any of your family members presses the POWER button of the viewer, the viewer will display the visitor on the LCD screen and simultaneously take a picture of him or her for storage in the SD card.


Product Specifications

1. Sensor: 0.3 Mega Pixel CMOS

2. Optical Lens: 70 degree viewing angle

3. LCD Screen: 2.5 inch TFT

4. Power Source: 2 AA Batteries (good for producing images about 1500 times)

5. Barrel: 14mm~55mm

6. Door Thickness: 45mm~78mm

7. Accessories: Base Flange, Tightening Tool, Peephole, 2 AA batteries, User Manual, National Warranty Card

8. Size: 146mm x 90mm x 30mm

9. Weight: 0.4lbs or 180g

10.Accessories: Base Flange, Peephole,  Tightening Tool, National Warranty Card, User Manual


Benefits from the Peephole viewer: 

1.Enjoy a white-collar high-grade and high-quality safe life 

2.Children who are not tall enough, and the poorer eyesight aged can easily and clearly see people outside front doors.

3.Easy and safe one-button operation: After you press the touch button, you can see a big image on the display. The “wide angle facing outside front door” is 70 degrees.

4.Photo-shooting and storage for evidence, making your family members’ lives even safer

5.Simple DIY, patented design ,and no construction required: a three-minute quick assemblage of parts of the viewer; the operation of the product is simple and convenient






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