DVR and Camera FAQ

DVR Trouble shooting

1.  Why cannot detect hard drive?
a. Default cause: The HDD power line or data cable is not connected well. 
b. Resolution: Please check the power cable and data cable. And format the HDD. 

2 Why the remote control not work? But the mouse is workable.
Default cause: The remote control ID was set "OFF" in system menu. Or it was set wrong ID.

3. Can we delete a part of video file in HDD?
No, it can't be done. For the reason of safty, we can't delete a part of video file in HDD. If you want to delete them, please try to format HDD.
 4. Why alarm is not workable?
 Default cause : a. The schedule setup is wrong.  b. Alarm setup is wrong.  c  Alarm cable connection is wrong.  d. Alarm input signal is wrong e.It is not recording.

  5  Why cannot find the video file in search menu after recording?
Default cause: a. The time segment for search is wrong. b. HDD cable is not connected well. c. System date
was wrong. d. The system format was changed.

 6. Why there are no video output when connect DVR with camera?
Default cause: a. BNC connector not connect well. b. The system format is different between DVR and
camera. c. Modified the system date back.





What is CCD camera key performance indicators?


For the CCD cameras, the main capability as following: horizontal resolution, sensitive, S/N ratio, color revert and auto-function etc.

1. Horizontal Resolution : What refers to is when camera gain equal-space arrangement B&W interaction stripe, the most numbers of TV-Line which can be seen on the monitoring device, when it exceeds , monitor cannot distinguish the B&W interaction stripe. the general resolution is 350TVL,  high resolution is 480TVL.

2. Minimum Illumination: It is a performance index which reflects the camera electro-optic transformation performance. The degree of illumination is lower,  the sensitivity is higher and the electro-optical transformation performance is better. At present , the most of color CCD camera can get 1 Lux,  B&W CCD cameras can get 0.1Lux,  the low illumination can be 0.01 Lux.

3. S/N Ratio:  It means that it is the ratio between the signal and noise voltage , usually indicated with mark S/N, the unit is dB. Generally S/N ratio is the value when AGC closes, always be 45~55dB, in the project requests ≥40dB. S/N Ratio can’t be lower than 25dB when in lower illumination .

4. Reduction degree of color

Reduction degree of color is degree of differentiation of target color and true object color intook and transacted by ccd camera. Color include hue and saturation, hue determines the nature of color, saturation determines color shades. We have 100-0-75-0 color as our standard, and the reduction degree of color and light conditions and scene color temperature of light source has a very close relationship. The current single-chip color CCD-type device ,in theory, it is not fully reproduce the true color of the original object.


5. White Balance is the important parameters of color camera,It is affects the color effect of the image directly.when the camera’s white balsnce was not good,the image will appear the phenomenon of color cast the image will appear the phenomenon of color cast,in particular ,Make the scenery of Original without color (eg:White walls) ,Also with the color.Usually when the camera shoots white scenery that the output of the red, green, and blue color signal voltageVR=VG=VB,This phenomenon is call white balance.



2.How to classify the CCD camera

Generally, CCD Cameras are classified as the following types:

1. Black and White CCD Camera

2. Color CCD Camera

Three-tube CCD Camera ( Broadcasting class CCD Camera)

Two-tube CCD Camera ( for broadcasting class and family using)

Monotube CCD Camera ( for family using)

Monolithic CCD Camera ( for monitoring and digital camera using)


3.How to classify the CCD ?

1, according to integration mode

Line Array (industrial inspection use) array

2, according to system

PAL (color), CCIR (black and white or monochrome)

NTSC (color), EIA (black and white or monochrome)

3, according to color can be divided into color, black and white (monochrome)

4, according to resolution

High resolution (about 380 thousand pixels, 480TVL-horizontal resolution)

Ordinary resolution (about 300 thousand pixels, 330TVL-horizontal resolution - normal TV resolution)

Low resolution (currently non-production)

5, according to sensitivity

Ultra-low-illumination (≤ 0.01Lux)

Low illumination (≤ 0.1Lux)

Ordinary illumination (≤ 1Lux)

6, according to special-purpose

Low-light-level CCD


X-ray CCD


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